Telemetry Signal Drop when Intel Realsense T265 sends pose data [solved: USB3 interference]

I’m currenly working a project which using Intel realsense T265 with Raspi 4B and connecting them to pixhawk using FTDI (USB to Telem2). I also connecting Pixhawk to Mission Planner via Telem1. The problem comes when i run program, the Telem signal in MissionPlanner suddenly drop to 10-20%. Can anyone help me in this problem? Thank you

Usb3 is a huge source of RF noise. Try to shield it as best you can.

Yes, USB3 is not very kind from the EMC point of view.

Instead of using telemetry, now i’m using mavproxy within the raspi 4b to connect the GCS. The GCS signal won’t drop even realsense T265 sends pose data. The problem is already SOLVED. But i’m open on suggestion