Telemetry Port Question - Simply a TTL port or more to it?

Hello! This is probably a dumb question, but I am working with a developer on a type of telemetry link which needs to be compatible with the APM/Pixhawk telemetry port. (Works over network instead of RF)

I am of the impression that this port is simply a TTL/serial port, and that any means of establishing a serial connection between Mission Planner and the APM will work (so long as the voltage levels and baud etc are correct). This could be with a wireless link, physical serial connection, entangled quantum particles so long as both the APM and Mission Planner see it as TTL data.

My developer seems to be of the impression the circuit board itself we are working on will need to incorporate a mavlink protocol stack somehow, which is a complex proposition.

I think we just need to get serial data in one side and out the other, and I base my assumption on the fact that I see people on the forums saying it’s just a serial link, and the fact that it also works with bluetooth links, Xbee, wifi links, etc etc etc - I doubt those devices have a mavlink protocol stack built in…

But I digress, I am not an expert with this. Can anyone provide a little dose of education?

Thank you! :slight_smile: