Telemetry Pixhawk and X8R

Hi everyone, I’ve been investigating on how to have telemetry data on my Taranis X9D with an X8R receiver and Pixhawk, but I still have many doubts.
Can someone please resume me how to do it the easiest way?

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Flight Deck. Works well. Easy to set up.

And could you resume what I need to do?
Do I need to buy an specific cable?

It’s all in the Ardupilot wiki
Although personally I find that page a bit too much of an unnecessary advert for craft and theory: you can do pretty much the same thing using a diy cable and free lua scripts.
If you’re willing to solder directly to your receiver you can even get rid of the converter, and just go with a straight telemetry cable.

And how can I do that diy cable?
Do I have to connect it on Telemetry 2 port of the pixhawk?
Sorry, I’m so noob in this… And there are not much videos out there of how to do this…

You can also use a cheap teensy (LC) and this project:

I use a max232 and diode as described here:
Which costs about $1 to make if you already have cables. You can also just use transistors and a diode, as you don’t actually HAVE to convert the logic level (receiver uses 5v logic, Pixhawk uses 3.3v but is 5v tolerant).

Or to use frsky parts it’s in the ArduPilot wiki.

Any telemetry/serial port, then set the function and baudrate for the port you use (the wiki will guide you).

Have a look at this thread.

With a $1 RXTX to TTL convertor and a diode you can solder and simply connect the xr8 to the pixhawk.

Yes, you can make your own cable. If you have all the parts on hand you can do it for cheap. Don’t forget the connectors and shipping for all the parts you don’t have.
All in all, it takes 3-8h to read up how to do it, ordering parts, trial and error. Faster if you’re good at making cables and lucky. Once it’s all said and done, you’ll have to wonder if it was worth the trouble. For some it will be a great learning experience and an enjoyable part of their hobby, for others not so much and they would rather not have to spend the time on this accessory.

When you buy a ready-made telemetry cable from us, you also get our customer support in case you’re having difficulties and 30 refund if you are not satisfied with the product. You also get $10 discount on FlightDeck when you purchase it together with the cable. We’re super happy to help and try to respond as fast as possible, (usually within the day, if not a few hours).

If you have a Taranis Q X7(s) we also have FlightDeckQ.

Since you were asking what’s the easiest way, I would say just buy a cable from us, plug it into serial 2 or serial 4/5 on one end and into the smart port on the X8R on the other. In Mission Planner set the SERIAL2_PROTOCOL (or SERIAL4_PROTOCOL) to “10” for FlightDeck, or to “4” for LuaPilot or basic OpenTX telemetry. All you’ll have left to do is Discover sensors and activate the telemetry script OpenTX. This is described in more details in our manual.

There are also MAVlink to FrSky converters that you can make yourself or purchase ready-made from other suppliers. You will find info about those in the wiki here. Those have their own protocols and scripts that are not compatible with the native Ardupilot FrSky telemetry protocols. Rather they convert MAVLink to their own telemetry protocols for their scripts. So you’ll have to decide which telemetry script you prefer.

Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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