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Telemetry module driver problem

(Newestbie) #1

Hello everyone.
IM new to drones and I built my first quad.
I have APM2.6 with 915mhz radio telemetry . Not sure if its 3dr but windows sees it as Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (com8)
I installed everything correctly on computer , mission planner connects apm over mavlink.
While installing to my laptop , I made mistake, I insert telemetry module before install mission planner. Windows found it CP2102 USB to UART bridge but couldn’t find any driver to install , so it has warning on device manager.
Later I installed mission planer, I tried to uninstall device but whatever I tried driver still missing, I tried to assign driver manually , but couldn’t find it in driver list or in mission planner folder under drivers directory.
Anyone has experience with this telemetry unit?

(meee1) #2

no genuine 3dr hardware has the silicon image chip, so you will need to track down drivers for that.

(outlawzz) #3

Not to difficult to find… … ivers.aspx

(bobt2000) #4

I hesitate to re-open this topic, but I can’t find the solution anywhere else…yet.
I am using Win 7 Pro…32bit (small Panasonic Toughbook Tablet).
MP runs fine and connects to APM via USB.
I had the same driver issue, downloaded the drivers…no problem.
But now when I try to connect, after about 5 seconds I get the “blue screen of death” and shut down.
I have rolled the drivers back twice and reinstalled, but same problem.

I had no problems on my home laptop…that I recall.

(Andre-K) #5

that’s a part of the Windows experience, not Mission planner issue, you can try to fresh-install windows, and hope it works for a while, even after installing device driver for a device that existed at the time of windows 95.

…or you can just install some Linux distro, no drivers will be necessary, and APM planner 2 will do the job very reliably.

(bobt2000) #6

Bit of an update…
When I plug in the USB telemetry radio into the laptop it is recognized…no errors in Device Manager.
I can select it in MP.
WITHOUT the copter powered up (no battery) the laptop tries to connect but obviously times out as would be expected. I tried this 3 times because i was trying different baud rates. But NO BSOD !
The very next time I powered up the copter and try to connect, I get BSOD in about 5 secs…as soon as Mavlink connects ( I think).
I compare the settings in this laptop to my main laptop (that works flawlessly) and I don’t see any difference. Other than faster processor and more RAM in my main laptop.
I have memory dumps from the BSOD if anyone knows how to read them.

(bobt2000) #7

I rolled back 1 version of the driver and it works now…That was the only driver difference between the 2 laptops.

(Sergio) #8

Hi Buddy
I have the same issue, I replaced my computer Hard Disk and installed everything again, but now does not work the telemetry connection via mavlink.
Which driver are you using for mavlink connection?

(OldGazer) #9

I just saw this. The problem could be the Windows 10.1.1 “Universal Driver.” I had to roll back to 6.7.5