Telemetry issue copter 4.04

how to check whether the telemetry data is correct and accurate?
I am using a 500mw HK telemetry powering it separately via 5v input the issue is the power module reading differs for about 0.6V when connected via USB when compare to the telemetry connection.
I am getting a reading of 15.8v via USB and around 15.2 via telemetry what could be the reason?

Please provide a .bin log file – you could set log disarmed with usb connected and then disconnect it and fly.
Also detail what flight controller and power brick you have.

Hello Shawn, Hope u are doing well. this is a very freshly build setup I just installed everything i haven’t done any test flight. I was just setting it up and this issue i have observed. i have tunned the voltage divider via USB and then when i connect using tele the voltage value differs.

The Flight controller is Holybro Pixhawk mini
The PM is PM06
I have selected the other option in the battery monitors tab.
The PM and the FC versions may differ.

The issue is resolved the cause for this was the interference coming from the telemetry so after I wind up the power cable from PM the issue seems to have gone and the voltage looks more stable and accurate now.

Ah yes, the wonderful 500mw noise makers. They should rate those in terms of Noise/Signal Ratio instead of Signal/noise…

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