Telemetry I vs Telemetry II: Telemetry II Not Display AHRS


I wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help troubleshoot a technicality that I’m experiencing. I’m running two telemetry units on a Pixhawk 2.1 Black Cube: RFD900X and a 4G Modem.

Whatever unit I plug into telemetry I acts completely nominal; however, the secondary telemetry unit on telemetry II works, but on a limited level. I get pretty much everything besides the AHRS / compass moving. It reacts the same way on both units, whatever is plugged into that second telemetry port II. I have verified that the Serial1_Options and Serial2_Options are set to the appropriate MAVlinks. I have also verified cables / replacement Pixhawks / telemetry units as well.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance as I try to run dual links. #development-team #arduplane #telemetry

  • Todd