Telemetry data to OSD and flightdeck

I have some problems with my Cube Orange with Copter 4.0.2: I’m trying to get the telemetry data via OSD to my googles and via flightdeck to my Taranis.

On the OSD i have the strange behavior that the flightmode is frequently switching to Stabilized and that the whole OSD screen switches to the summary screen while flying. I’m using a micro minimosd. Same ground cable on the video and on the power pin. Power source is the 5V VTX with a capacitor to reduce noise. I already tried another micro minimosd - same result. And i also tried different Minimosd-Extra versions. I have similar setups on other drones - and those work just fine.

DVR video from the OSD

And on my Taranis the messages from the flightcontroller doesn’t show correct:

Are there maybe some changes in the Mavlink protocol in Copter 4.0?

I have solved the OSD issue. Wasn’t because of arducopter. I changed the grounding of the micro minimOSD and some settings in the minimOSD calibration software. And one of those things solved the problem. The OSD works fine now.

But for the messages received by the Taranis telemetry i haven’t found a solution. But it’s not a ardupilot problem i think. Might be an issue with the lua skript.