Telemetry connection get bad while calibrating compass

Iam calibrating compass using a telemetry, and RSSI got lower and lower until disconnected.

Iam using a 2.4G telemetry.

I think its because the data stream is too big, anyway to set the data stream lower?

Yes, please see these variables:
SR1_EXT_STAT, 2 ( 2hz for waypoints, GPS raw, fence data, current waypoint, etc)
SR1_EXTRA1, 5 ( 5hz for attitude and simulation state)
SR1_EXTRA2, 2 ( 2hz for VFR_Hud data )
SR1_EXTRA3, 3 ( 3hz for AHRS, Hardware Status, Wind )
SR1_POSITION, 2 ( 2hz for location data )
SR1_RAW_SENS, 2 ( 2hz for raw imu sensor data )
SR1_RC_CHAN, 5 ( 5hz for radio input or radio output data )

Replace SR1 with SR2 or whatever is appropriate for you

@marcmerlin Thank you so much! I will hava a try.