Telemetry altitude error

Hello, I have had drones with pixhawk for a few years. I bought the pixhawk 2 cube orange and there is a telemetry issue that is not coming from my osd. When I connect pixhawk to my pc the home altitude is good: 0m. When I watch my video feedback the altitude TA and HA have the same height: 24m. I have changed the osd and pixhawk firmware, but nothing to do. I don’t understand where the problem is coming from.

Try DEVOPTIONS 2 to use altitude above home instead of AMSL for OSD

EDIT: the actual parameter is DEV_OPTIONS,2

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thanks for your reply, I did have a change, but it’s still the same problem.

Are you using 4.0.5 or github master?

I am using version 4.0.5, I tested all the versions from 4.0.0 and it is the same. With my other pixhawk 2 black controller, I went back to version 3.6.9 and everything is fine for him. But the orange cube doesn’t downgrade that far. Tomorrow I’ll do the flight test to see if Shawn’s solution works and I’ll keep you posted.

In other words: you are not using github master.

I don’t use github master, I don’t even know what it is.