TELEM2 Protocol

Hi everyone and sorry for posting such a newbie question but unfortunately that’s what I am.

I am going to be buying a Pixhawk very soon and so I’ve been reading through all the documentation I can find. I know I’m going to want to have telemetry enabled and I think I remember reading something about it being possible to change the protocol on the TELEM2 port (and maybe the other ports) between different options like MAVLINK/FRSKY/S-Port telemetry using the configurator.

I’ve spent the last 2 hours browsing through all my history and bookmarks but I just can’t find that webpage again. What I want to know is, is it possible to just change the protocol using the configurator, or do I need a converter?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help.

Try here

Hey thanks for your reply, that seems to be the page I was looking for and its helped alot :smiley:

I want to use a hawkeye openlrs receiver/transmitter. I read that its compatible with frsky and s-port telemetry, but what I don’t know (and it doesn’t say) is whether it is FrSky-D or FrSky-X. Does anyone know? I need to know which type of converter(s) I need between the pixhawk and the receiver for telemetry.