TELEM1 low rate in copter 4.0.4


I am trying to change the rate of SR1_EXTRA1 and SR1_POSITION params by setting them to xxx
using either Dronekit or via terminal (of mavproxy). In both cases, the parameters seem to be updating to the new value but the actual transmission rates that these parameters are supposed to control do not change at all.

Only sending the following mavlink message successfully changes the rates that I described:
vehicle.message_factory.request_data_stream_send(0, 0, mavutil.mavlink.MAV_DATA_STREAM_EXTRA1, rate, 1)

This is something that I’ve noticed after moving from using Arducopter 3.x to 4.x

Did anyone else notice this issue? Can someone explain why is this so?
Also, there are other parameters for which I did not yet find an appropriate mavlink message to change their rate. For example SR1_PARAMS.

Version on software used:
MAVproxy: 1.8.22
mavlink: 1,2 (both display the same behavior)
arducopter 4.0.4