Telem Ports and Telem Radio, MinimOSD, and FrSky D4R-II

I have purchased both an X8+ and an IRIS+ in the past six months and have the same problem with both of them. When adding the MinimOSD into the mix, you have to make use of both Telem 1 and Telem 2. There is much discussion here and which device (3DR Telem Radio and MinimOSD) goes to Telem 1 and Telem 2, but I never have read of anyone mentioning my problem - on both the X8+ and IRIS+ the FrSky D4R-II is plugged into the Telem 2 port. This leaves two devices to compete for the Telem 1 port. Does anyone have the easy answer for this?

I read somewhere that one of these devices (I forget which and I didn’t bookmark) could be used in Serial 4/5 on the PixHawk, any info on that would be appreciated also. I keep researching but have not found the solution.

I think Telem2 is now the radio port and is configured as such.

So you will need the Y cable and hook it up to Telem1 to get your overlay information.

If you don’t care about the telemetry data on the radio you can change it back and unhook the cable to the receiver.

This is the port config values: … 2_protocol

It should be a 3 now and you would want to change it to a 1 for MinimOSD.


Thanks for the information Mike, I don’t think that is widely known or I am just looking in the wrong places.

But still, to my knowledge (however limited) the needed “Y” cable does not exist as needed. It would require the flat connector of the MinimOSD and two six-pin connectors, one for the Telem port and one for the 3DR V2 Radio. From what I have read, you have to take the Y cable for the APM 2.6, which is OSD connector with a 6 pin and a 5 pin and convert it to have two 6 pin connectors.

Maybe my thinking is just too rigid, but you would think if you were going to change the parameters of the hardware that you would produce the proper cables to make it work.

Thanks again!