Tarot Tl3t05 pan and tilt alternately not working

I have a Tarot hexacopter using 3DR Pixhawk 4 flight controller. The flight controller is using conected to a Specktrum AR9030T receiver.and a TM1500 telemtery module. The Tarot gimbal tl3t05 is conected to the pixhawk using SBUS signal. The configuration of the controls in Mission planner are as follows:
Channel 8 tilt
Channel 9 Pan
Channel 10 FPV/PP

After binding the Spektrum radio ix12 to the Tarot hexacopter, the hexacopter will alternate operating the Tarot gimbal in pan and tilt modes but never both. The gimbal will respond to the inputs from the transmitter for either pan or tilt but not both. i have reboot system countless times and reseached but have not been able to find any information. Please be so kind to provide me ideas. i have included the configuration file from Mission Planner.

Mission_Planner_Tarot_04292021.param (17.1 KB)

Solved. The output SBUS were analyzed using a osciloscope and found to be ok. The channel assignments were reconfigured so all were greater than 8. This solved the issue. This was done since I did not have 3 channels available below the 9th channel.