Tarot T-2D mounting plate?

Hello all,

I have a Tarot T-2D gimbal that I’d like to mount on my IRIS. Problem is, while I can buy an extended legs kit, 3DR won’t sell me the mounting plate for the IRIS. They want me to buy a whole new Tarot gimbal kit to get it, which ain’t gonna happen.

Has anyone else faced this situation before, and if so, how did you resolve it? Is there a 3D printer file for the mounting plate somewhere so I fab my own? Also, what other changes need to be made to the Tarot to work on the IRIS? On the 3DR Tarot page, it just says that it’s “preconfigured to work with IRIS’ transmitter”. What all’s required to mate the IRIS with the gimbal?



I’ve got the exact same problem, I broke the Iris gimbal mount during a fail safe landing (warning its very brittle was barely a hard landing) and they said the same thing I have to buy a whole new gimbal, its only a week old! Thats like buying a whole new engine if the radiator blows, oh boy. Anyway be careful its very weak hard to see why they would make the gimbal mount so brittle but make the legs so heavy and military strength.

I guess the only option is to 3D print.

PS Its very easy to configure so it works with the Iris transmitter.

For my Tarot frame a slow steady decent in RTL mode cracked my plate right down the center. Seems weakest and broke clean in half.

IPS Weldon 16 works well with all the plastic on IRIS sofar. It works and will melt the layers it touches and almost weld the surfaces together. IPS 16 takes time to cure and needs to be clamped but has repaired my frame and two legs. Great stuff.

Thanks for the pointer, Knightrider! Now to find a 3D printer…

3D Printing in the cloud @ Shapeways (to your door)… shapeways.com/search?q=tarot

Well, you’re a veritable fount of info! Thanks.

I think, though, that I can access a 3D printer at work. But I’ll look into using the Shapeways service if I can’t.

I have a 3D Printer. If you want I will make you one if you pay the shipping. I was going to make one for myself. I have one already that I designed but I would like to see if this fits better.

3DR need to be selling this really as 3D printed parts aren’t as strong. :exclamation:

Printing the part right now. Bind it with acetone and you will see that it is 2 times as strong.

I’ve already had 3D printed parts break on me with little stress, so I don’t mind them as temporary solutions but always prefer proper molded parts.

The fact remains a multicopter manufacturer should sell replacement parts.

They only sell with the sale of the gimbal :frowning:

Which is really poor to be honest, better customer service is needed on this matter.

I did get what I needed was the file to get a Amazon Tarot to work.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … the_gimbal

I guess unless you bought a gimbal from “them” you do not get the file to make it work. $169 on Amazon. no wait. But do not hook up the red wire…

I made an exact replica in Solidworks and now experimenting with different 3D printing techniques/materials.

Definitely interesting in buying a new mount. So frustrating that you can’t buy that part from the manufacturer. Anyone have a full mount for sale yet (I need everything except the gimbal, circuit board and cables)?

The mount breaks easily, one hard landing on my landing gear (IRIS just decided to land itself for no apparent reason), I’m assuming it just didn’t like the weight of the gimbal even though overall it appears lighter than the Tarot plus landing gear.

was that the mount from 3DR? Or was it done on a 3D printer?

My mount that I made has 3 connecting points for more strength.

[quote=“teammoto”]was that the mount from 3DR? Or was it done on a 3D printer?

My mount that I made has 3 connecting points for more strength.[/quote]
This is the official 3DR.

That sucks.

Here is the one I made that has held up. Let me know.