Tarot gimbal not reacting to commands

I’m trying to mount a TL3T05 gimbal to a drone using a pixhawk 2.4.8 controller flashed with Copter 4.1.5. I mainly followed this video tutorial.

The gimbal has 2 3-pin connectors named CH1 and CH2, which I connected to Pixhawk’s ports 1 and 2 which afaik are the servo ports 9 and 10, just like in the video. The gimbal’s main power supply was directly connected to the battery input. My remote (FS-i6) has two potentiometers that operate servo channels 5 and 6.
Altogether, I went to setup->optional hardware->camera gimbal and made the following settings

However, when I switch on the remote, arm the drone and operate the corresponding knobs, the gimbal won’t move. Does anybody have an idea why?

p.s. You might have noticed I’m new to this, so just ask for missing info as I’ve surely left out a lot.

Thanks in advance.

params.param (16.9 KB)

You may have to configure your AUX outputs. See GPIOs — Copter documentation. Sharing your parameter file will help others see your settings.

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Thanks for the hint. I’ve attached my parameter file to my original post.

A quick update as I was playing with mission planner a little more:

When I open the tuning window in the data view (“Tuning” checkbox at the bottom of the map) and select the values “ch9out” and “ch10out”, I can see correct looking reactions when I operate the potentiometers on my remote.
It looks like Pixhawk actually outputs the correct PWM signals on channels 9 and 10. Just for clarification: Channels 9 and 10 equal SERVO9 and SERVO10 in the gimbal configuration dialog, which in turn map to aux ports 1 and 2 on the Pixhawk, right?
Or it might be the gimbal after all…