Taranis setup for pixhawk

Right, Ive run into a brick wall and after two weeks, my missus is sick of the lounge being converted into a makeshift workshop.

I am trying to set up a Taranis to work with a pixhawk on a Trex 500, Not new to helis but very new to open sourced gear. I had the ESC with governor playing nicely, and have have managed to get the cyclic functions working correctly set up as per the Ardupilot wiki. however the collective is completely dead.The fact that the cyclic is working indicates to me I’ve missed something in the radio programming to do with the basic set up before it gets to the pixhawk?

any help would be greatly appreciated…

Problem solved. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what just happened but eventually i ran out of hair to pull out so i completely re flashed the board and started again from scratch and this time it’s working as it should. I think it could have been to do with the swash plate type in the heli set up page. Non the less it’s working.