Tapatalk Plugin


what about to implement the tapatalk plugin for phpbb ?
It might be very useful, to use this forum from my mobile.


+1, Tapatalk would be great!


what about to implement the tapatalk plugin for phpbb ?
It might be very useful, to use this forum from my mobile.


I will look into it. However, the forums are still in the buildup phase, so it may take a while and we also need to take security issues into account.

Tapatalk makes a big difference in my forums reading habits. No matter how good the mobile theme is (RCgroups), Tapatalk is always a better, faster and richer experience (notifications!). I saw a blog post earlier about ways to make this forum a better destination than RCGroups? Tapatalk can certainly help.

We don’t want to be better than RC Groups that post did not express the opinion of the mod and admin group. DIYD is for a slightly different robotics based mindset. That said we are still looking into Tapatalk for here.

+1 for tapatalk, everyone is browsing with tablets nowdays

Guys, I wrote that I’ll look into it! Let me first get the basic operation of the forum stable and safe, ok? ^^

Dont take this as harassment but I just got to get my +1 in here since I’m trying to navigate this board on my phone and it really is a pain.
Even if you can’t do Tapatalk, please at least make columns more narrow so the font isnt microscopic or I dont need to scroll back and forth to read.

You already have my vote too. I read forums only via Tapatalk and spoke to Joshua Johnson who was investigating renewal of the DIYDrones discussion software (Ning) but that didn’t support Tapatalk out of the box. Now that these Ardupilot forums are in place (very nice indeed!) I would love to see them Tapatalk compatible.

To get the plugin activated is actually really easy, just refer to this page: tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php?plugin=phpbb

Hope to see this announced soon :slight_smile:

Has there been any progress on getting this to work on Tapatalk?
The width of the text is too wide so it is very small font to read on my phone, or I have to scroll back and forth. It’s a real pain.
My other wish is that I could get email alerts with subject matter included.
I really want to switch to this forum, but right now its painful.

The Tapatalk plugin was installed in the last maintenance cycle. We’re still waiting for the API key but basic functionality might be there. Please test and report.

Tapatalk is now enabled as part of today’s modifications. Please advise how it is working for you.

Works for me. I don’t like it, but it works :slight_smile:.

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Working for me fine on iOS7.

Working great from my Nexus 5, thanks a lot, team!

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Thank you!

It is working.