Talon250g autolanding settings

I want to get a bit deeper into Ardupilot, first try some missions simply by setting WPs but also would like to try some autolandings.
I’ve been reading and watching videos on youtube, however maybe there is someone here that could share his landings parameters which might be safe for basic testing? My Talon250g is a small and quite light plane and I wanted to use it for autoland practice. Not sure however if the default autoland values are any good.

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watching with a lot of interest

I’ve always just started with the default values in the wiki and then tweaked from there based on what I saw in the logs, and what I watched in the field. The big thing is to not get too greedy with the approach angle. Better to start shallow (meaning a longer approach) then work up to a steeper angel. If the Talon250 is anything like the Nano Talon, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it into a small spot.

My other advice is make sure you’ve read up on the abort options and have a plan if you don’t like what you see.

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Pretty much default values here but using lidar.


Really nice.
I did manage to autoland my Talon250g on stock values, using qgroundcontrol to setup the approach. Worked quite fine.