Taking off from ground


i just build my first hexacopter and have some issues.
I fly with APM 2.6, firmware 3.0.
I have calibrated accelerometer, compass and radio.

But i have problems with takeoff. If i try to get my hexa off the ground, when i’m slowly adding throtle hexa starts to tilt back and it falls if i dont reduce throttle. But if my friend holds it in the air with hands, i can takeoff, and it flies stable.

What can be the problem and solution?

You need to provide either tlog or datalog files so that we can analyze your issue without having to guess about what is occurring.
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[color=#008000]You shouldn’t post to the logfile analysis subforum without providing a logfile![/color]
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Just on a hunch:
1.) Did you calibrate your ESCs?
2.) Did you try taking off a little bit more “sportive”?

I have a similar “problem” with my 70cm quad. If I raise the throttle really slowly on take off, it wants to tilt all over the place. In my case that’s a combination of vibration (big crappy props, slow RPM) and manufacturing tolerances of the motors which lead to slightly different speeds for the same throttle PWM which especially with slow RPM has quite an effect on stability.

My solution for me is, I just take off a bit (not much) more aggressively, raise the throttle over the RPM which cause the problem.