Takeoff behavior immediately after Armming

Dear, everyone.

I’m talking about when you arm a multicopter in Pos_Hold state.

I always use mode 1.
When I arm my multicopter, I leave the throttle down and return the rudder to the center, then throttle back in.

My friend uses mode 2, and after armming, he returns the stick to the center. When he does this, he puts the throttle back in along with the rudder.

When he does this, I can see from the flashlog that Des_Yaw is still in the right position and the throttle is centered, and the CCW motors PWM output signal is higher than that of the CW motors.

Therefore, when he arms and takes off, the multicopter rotates to the right.

In mode 1, this is not a problem, but I have also experienced this right rotation during takeoff immediately after Arm.

Is there a setting to ignore the rudder input and idle for a few seconds after Arm?

Thank you.