Take off speed/acceleration - how to configure it

Hello all,

long story short - is there a way to set up the Auto takeoff speed/acceleration ?

by clicking this link (dropbox) is a video I did showing the behavior of a newly assembled quadcopter while doing an auto take off. It’s too aggressive and this gives Potential thrust loss warning because it kicks with a near to full throttle take off.

any advice is appreciated and i hope this helps others as well.


The WPNAV_* parameters. But, if you getting thrust loss errors you may have a thrust/weight problem. Post a link to a .bin flight log.

Thanks for your prompt answer !

I will double check the series of parameters you mentioned and will provide a feedback after testing.

However it’s a bit strange seeing the potential thrust loss warning on an empty quadcopter (no load at all) at it happens just when doing the Auto take off as shown in the video.

The warning gets triggered as soon as the throttle goes up to take off and the quadcopter starts climbing.

I think it is linked to this behavior in the take off (taking off too aggressively)

Yes, the battery internal resistance is probably high, and the voltage drops because the motors draw some current to accelerate the drone up.

Either limit the acceleration like Dave said, or reduce the weight of the copter, of increase the power of the battery.