Take off from vertical surface

hi, currently i am doing some experiment, trying to take off a quadcopter that is parallel to vertical surface.
I tried to let the drone to fall freely from 3 meter height with motor spinning to let it balance by itself and remain airborne.However it failed. the EKF is unable to balance until the drone hits the ground. During this process, the drone is not responding to any control inputs. Btw i tried this in stabilize mode.

Is there anyway to let the drone to regain balance quickly?



You can set this up for drops also, there is a parameter to say what mode it will switch to after it has stabilised. You will probably have to set the parameters to be quite sensitive to catch it in 3m.

i am trying to take off the drone shown in the pic in stabilize mode.
but it was unable to balance in time, so it hits the ground then take off again.

Is there any parameters to play with that enable to drone to return to balance quickly other using throw mode?

I would have it facing outwards rather than inwards. How are you using stabilize mode? Have you run a autotune?