Tailsitter not able to fly in SITL

I’m trying hard to get the default tailsitter model flying in SITL but without success so far. I’m running ./sim_vehicle.py -v ArduPlane -f plane-tailsitter -w --console --map and after initialisation the hdg keeps turning, roll changes a lot and pitch is -89. AHRS and EKF is mostly red. When I change to qloiter or qhover the pitch changes to 0, roll also moves to 0 but hdg keeps changing. Trying to arm I get the message gyros inconsitent. Turning off the pre arm checks and setting rc 3 to 2000 the current goes to 50A but the tailsitter stays on ground and doesnt move.
I started with default params and also played around with
EK2_ENABLE 0 and 1
EK3_ENABLE 0 and 1
but never got it working.
I have no problem taking off and flying the dafault quadplane. I’m using latest master.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

thanks and best

I have the same issue. did you found any answer?

I have also the same issue, anyone know?