Tail servo and Throttle hold

Good Day All

I have been flying helis for a few years now, and worked my way up to 600 and 700 machines. I only fly scale / sport
I want to start experimenting with APM and I just ordered a HK600 heli with a DFC head upgrade to start experimenting with Arducopter- If I’m going to put it into the groud, I prefer to do it cheap.
I have 2 questions that I can’t really find a firm answer for

  1. what will be the best tail servo to use with pixhawk - will a 1520μ*s / 333hz servo be ok?
  2. what about throtlle hold for autorotations? I can’t seem to find anything on this.



Hi Johan,

Good idea to start out with a non-expensive machine while you figure out how to use this. The only problem with HK helis is the quality of a lot of the parts is not great and can cause vibrations. Make sure your shafts are straight, and do a good vibration damping job.

Any quick 1520us servo can work on the tail. There’s not a lot of requirements other than the 1520us center.

The throttle hold can be controlled with the Ch8 ESC control feature. Basically Ch8 becomes your motor on/off control.

Thanks Rob

I have seen your videos of what you have achieved with your helicopters running APM in must say it is very impressive - any chance you might want to share some setup details and parameters please. Just a good idea of where to get started will be helpful.
I hear you on the HK issue - I have already ordered Align shaft and gear sets.
Just received some good news from Fabian from 3Dr - they are shipping to Australia once again, so I can get my hardware now.