T Motor MN601 S KV 170 integrated Propulsion System

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I am building a Fighter 4+1 VTOL. I decided to use an integrated propulsion system from T-Motor, which integrates an MN 601 KV170 motor with an Alpha 60 AMP ESC on a 30mm circular engine mount. It’s a slick set up. However, it came with no documentation and it has a few more wires than expected.

Please reference attached images.

IMG_1035 IMG_1036

I was expecting 3 wires for for the motor and two for the ESC. I know the black and red wire are for power. But I am not sure about the other 6 wires, which are grouped as a 3 pin connector, two pin connector and a single pin connector.

I am assuming some of the pins are for the Alpha Series Data link, but I am not sure which ones.

At the moment, I don’t plan to use the data link.

If anyone is familiar with this set up, I would appreciate your assistance.

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The connector with the black and white wire is the one that connects to the Pixhawk. That one is signal and ground.

The yellow wire is RPM feedback line from the motor.

The connector with black, red, and white is used to access/update the firmware on the ESCs.

The main leads (red and black) are for power. The three wires between the motor and ESC are baked within the propulsion system.

Source: I am running a coaxial integrated series on my X8 w/ the MN501 320kv motors.

Thanks for the rely. I really appreciate your help.