Switching between "No GPS" to "No Fix" constantly

I am using a custom GPS that I bought from Aliexpress called ATGM336H.
Initially, it can only output standard NMEA data in a 1Hz and 9600 baud rate.
At first, after configuring with u-center, it outputs data NMEA and UBX protocol (View-Message View-UBX-CFG-RAT) in a 115200 baud rate and 10Hz rate of ouput (Message View-UBX-CFG-PRT) to my pixhawk. But I keep get the message on the QGC console saying that “detecting u-blox GPS in 115200” about every 10 second period. And the sat count keep switch from 0 to 16. After connecting to u-center, I found in the bottom right corner, there is a small box keep switch between “NMEA” and “UBX”. Then I remember the output setting that I did is NMEA and UBX protocol. I remember weeks ago also seeing in Mission Planner that in the HUD display my GPS keep switching bewteen "No GPS " to “No Fix”.
My initial thought is that Ardupilot isn’t not capable of using two protocal at the same time and keep thinking that I unplug and plug the GPS. So, the initial solution is to configure the output of the GPS module to output only NMEA messages. But I tried, there is no message in the console, and I don’t have GPS connection, neither.
After configuring the GPS module to output only UBX message. I got “No GPS” message.

So, here I am, posting this problem on the almighty Ardupilot forum. Is there anyone who have similar experience in using your own GPS module?

I advise you to set it to UBX only, 115200 baud at 5Hz. after that connect it to ardupilot and select UBX in ardupilot parameters a well (GPS_TYPE) and let it autoconfigure. The autopilot should take it from there and proper configure your GPS, assuming it has a proper UXB command set.

Hey, thanks for your reply, I will try it once I got time, and I will keep update the issues in this post.
Although, do I still need to change the SERIAL_3_BAUD to 115200, if the GPS_AUTO_CONFIG=1?

Yes. You should do it just in case

Hi, I am facing the same issue with my Hemisphere GPS. How can I do that? Is it supported as it’s also based on NMEA 0183? Help required @QCSUI @amilcarlucas @rmackay9

Ask Hemisphere for support. you probably need to use their tools to set it up.

I have set the GPS. Only the $GPGGA string is coming at a 5 Hz rate. Still, the same issue is persisting.
Does ardupilot doesn’t support hemisphere GPS?