Switch warning IDO THR RUD ELE AIL GEA

When I turn on the transmitter, I get this warning “Switch warning IDO THR RUD ELE AIL GEA”?

The transmitter didn’t used to do this.

Can anyone explain what might be happening?


just move the appropriate switch to its default position.

The transmitter will checks switches are in their default positions. If not it warns you. You can set the transmitter to warn from any position you set, or turn it off.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out this behavior of the transmitter. You are correct, putting the switches off cancelled the warning.

Now that I am past that problem, there is another problem. Previously, I used to press and hold the DN button for one second to get the flight data display to see the number of satellites, etc. Now when I press and hold the DN button, I get very little information. Only what is shown below.

Rx 82% - - - - Stabilize
Altitude 0m

Time 00:00 TxBat 10.4

Can you offer a fix for this? Also, why would the behavior change from a week ago?