Switch Arming in APM

I use an arducopter 2.8 and want to use a switch for arming instead of rudder right.
I can’t find anything on ardupilot.org and many other places, so I thought it would be best to ask here.
Does anyone know how to arm a copter using a switch on the remote radio?
Appreciate it

There is no functionality to do that. However you could do it easily enough with a Mix on your transmitter.

@dkemxr, how? Is there an arm/disarm channel?

Actually there is now in Beta as a Channel option but when I wrote that I was simply suggesting a switch mix with throttle down and full right rudder for Arm and Throttle down and Full left rudder for disarm duplicating the stick positions for Arm/Disarm.

Oh, that would still require the switch to be held down for five seconds, which is very different. I’ll try the channel option, thanks!