Swashplate movement

Goodnight.I am currently in heli setup When I move the collective pitch up all the servos move up, same thing with when I push down. When I give right stick the swash moves right same with left.
But when I give forward stick, the swash moves backward and when I give backstick the swash moves forward. Why is that? Everything else works fine. Please help me.

Sounds like your pitch control is reversed either in the radio, or the radio input in MP.

When you tilt the heli forward and backwards, do the servos move in the correct direction to stabilize it?

When I pitch up or down the swash is compensating in the same direction. Whereas when I roll left or right, it compensates in the opposite direction. The collective moves up with up stick.

I just checked my dx8 radio and all the servos are set to normal. None are reversed.

How do I fix/reverse the pitch channel in Mission Planner? Also, if I reverse the pitch channel, will this affect the movement of the swash with I give up or down collective?

I fixed the pitch. When I move the swash with the sticks it moves in the correct direction. But when I tilt the heli back or forward the swash doesn’t stabilize the heli. If I tilt left or right it stabilizes.

This issue has been solved on DIYD.

Can you please point me to the DIYD entry that solves this. I am still impacted by this same problem with my Blade 450. I’ve been trying to resolve it off and on for the past many many weeks with your last advice to me. (I’ve been distracted with end-of-term marking and an accelerated course this spring so I’ve been getting to this rather slowly. …and truth-be-told, I am frustrated with my inability to get the pitch to work properly.) Maybe I can get back to this and be successful.

Many thanks for your help.

Not sure if this is your problem, but here’s the thread:

diydrones.com/forum/topics/stabi … -direction