Swashplate increase authority

Hi all!

Maybe a question for @ChrisOlson

I’m trying not to make a helicopter but to make a rig that self balances much like a swashplate. However when I set it up using copter traditional. It reduces the servo output in pitch and roll because it reserves some travel for collective.

Is there any way to stop collective which I don’t need, yet keep the swashplate h4 45 setup so it can suit my application?


I think if you change the H_CYC_MAX to 4500, that should increase the output of the cyclic to the servos but I am not positive. By the way 4500 is the max value for that param.
If that doesn’t work, The other thing to try would be increasing the ATC_RAT_RLL_VFF and ATC_RAT_PIT_VFF gains.
What you are doing sounds unconventional and may require a special motor mixer

Yea thanks I have increased the VFF in roll and pitch and that helped. I also have already increased the H CYC MAX. Yet when I roll or pitch and the. Increase or decrease the throttle there is still extra movement.

Is there any way to get rid of this?

One person suggested doing it as a multicopter however, every time I yawed them Pixhawk it changed the servos as if they were motors trying to compensate for yaw.

All I was after is leveling in an induced pitch or roll moment, and then controlling the servos when level to pitch or roll as desired enabling the payload to be independent of the drone.

@Jeffuasa are the propellers fixed pitch or variable pitch? You could use either a multicopter or a heliquad. Then just zero the PID and FF gains for the yaw axis.