Swarming with APM and Ardupilot

I am interested in controlling multiple quadcopters from one ground control station. Most of the information I can find on swarming dates back a while and I can’t find any recent info on it. Has anyone used APM planner 2.0 with Ardupilot to control multiple drones simultaenously? Are there recent or up to date guides on this?

Unsure about APM Planner, but both MissionPlanner and MAVProxy are multi-vehicle capable. Key thing is to ensure SYSID_THISMAV param (the Mavlink system ID) is unique for each vehicle.

Thanks for the reponse I will check out Mission Planner. I saw in their documentation that the functionality is limited ([https://ardupilot.org/planner/docs/swarming.html]) and they recommend APM or QGroundControl.

we should update that page - MissionPlanner support for multi-vehicle has improved a lot since that was written. APM-Planner is probably fine, but has a much smaller user base so not a lot of information around to help you.