Swapping Motor Output

I am building a Y6 using mini APM 2.6 and the number 6 motor pin does not work. Pins 1-5 work fine. I’ve swapped motors/escs, checked the wiring with an ohm meter and still have an issue on 6. Based on several old forum posts I would like to change motor output 6 for 7. I understand the only way to do this is to change the code. I following the information on the this link:
dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/building- … o-windows/

I have downloaded the 3.2.1 code and have the arduino IDE program. I changed motor 6 to 7 in the libraries/AP_motors.cpp file.

Based on the above link, the last thing to do before compiling would be to select the frame type in the AP_Config.h file. It would seem this is no longer valid.

“If you used to define your CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE setting here, it is no longer
valid! You should switch to using a HAL_BOARD flag in your local config.mk”

I understand that config.mk is a make file. Where is it and how do I change it? And of course is this even a valid way to change the motor outputs anymore?


I’m still interested in learning to swap motor outputs, but it may not be my issue.
Out of frustration, I decided to double check to make sure it wasn’t my set up. I plugged in the APM to a battery and UBS. I did the motor test in Mission Planner and all of the motors worked. The only things plugged in to the board was the GPS, power supply and the motors. I did not have my reciever plugged in. Then I tested it with the reciever plugged in and motor six did not work either with my Tx throttle or when doing the motor test in Mission Planner. The motor jitters similar in nature to when only two of the three wires are connected to the motor from the esc. I was able to replicate this multiple times. Without the reciever all motors work. With the reciever motor 6 does not. I even changed the firmware to a hex and still had the same issue on the #6 output. I am using a frsky x4r reciever in CPPM mode. I recently upgraded the firmware to allow CPPM from channel 1 on the X4R. I have the APM setup for CPPM, ie input 1 CPPM signal and input 2&3 connected. Using mission planner I’ve calibrated the radio and all channels are working correctly.

Thanks for the help.