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Survey of editing environment for Ardupilot

(John R) #1

Sorry is this is not the right place, but I think it fits.

For editing the source code, what is the favored environment? I typically use Arduino IDE for some projects, Virtual Studio for some , and CubeMX for some others. Just wondering what everyone here uses.


(Andras Schaffer) #2

Visual Studio Code within WSL

(Jamy Chahal) #3

For my case, I like to use Atom. It manages well all the git interface, is open source, and there is a big community developing nice functions :wink:

(tridge) #4

emacs on Linux, with git add-ons

(Mark Whitehorn) #5

netbeans IDE in WSL and Linux

(StefanG) #6

Atom / PlatformIO on Linux