Surface tracking automatically switching on below specific altitude value (althold improvement)

Hello everyone!

I read the surface tracking topic in the documentation that explains the following:

"* When the rangefinder can “see” the ground, the pilot’s throttle stick adjusts the target altitude above the ground (i.e. the attitude corrected distance from the range finder)

  • When the vehicle climbs out of the rangefinder’s range the pilot’s stick returns to directly controlling the vehicle’s target climb rate"

In my case the rangefinder starts “seeing” the ground at 6m and if it sees an obstacle below it, like a tree with 2m height , the copter shoots up trying to keep the target height. This acts like a ground avoidance system which is good but I would like my copter to have this behaviour below a specific altitude defined by me (something like 1 or 2m) and not at the moment when the rangefinder can “see” the ground. Is there a parameter that i can change to do this. I have searched the documentation but found nothing.

For the moment I switched of surface tracking to avoid these height jumps over obstacles but then the copter altitude accuracy decreases oscilating very slowly up and down aprox 1m which is a problem I would like to solve. I’m trying to get the altitude hold accuracy as good as a DJI drone as possible.

If someone already solved this “problem” i would be very thankfull if you could share the solution.