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Supports multiple IMU issues

ardupilot code Which IMUs are currently supported

The drivers are here:
Some drivers, such as the invensense one, support more than one type of IMU.
There are a often new drivers in development that haven’t been pushed yet. Are you looking for support for a specific IMU?

I want to install an industrial IMU

OK. Presently, there isn’t really a way to plug in a serial IMU. It would be more feasible to write a driver for an SPI IMU, which could be plumbed in relatively easily (although you wouldneed to build custom firmwares).

Why can’t I use a serial IMU? what is the reason?

You could, but no one else has yet, so there’s nothing to piggyback the design off.

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What type of IMU do you suggest I use to start the experiment?

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