Support for Windows 8.1 tablet and micro-USB?

I have a Dell Venue 7 Pro tablet running Windows 8.1. I am guessing that I can connect the wireless data radio via the micro-USB connection but would like to confirm if someone has successfully gotten this to work and if there are any suggestions. Thanks!


I do exactly this but with an Acer Iconia tablet running windows 8.1 full. I run the full Mission Planner software on the tablet. you will need a an adaptor lead to change the micro usb into a standard usb socket. My Acer came with the lead, perhaps yours did? If not then they can be had on ebay.

If you have a genuine 3DR telemetry radio, it should have come with an OTG cable to connect the ground radio to a Tablet and a micro to standard USB cable to connect to a PC or a laptop.
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I think what feyue is asking is if he converts micro USB to standard USB will it work… And the answer is yes.