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Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference 2020 [APPROVED]

Topic: Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference 2020

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [X] : Travel Expenses

Description: Peter Hall (@iampete) and I would like to attend and present at the ArduPilot Unconference 2020. This would be a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and work with our GSoC mentors as well as the wider dev community. We would like to present individually on the work done during and post the GSoC period.

We are both based in the UK and the travel costs represent a significant barrier to us at this time.

I am requesting support to help cover the costs of flights (LHR->SYD, Economy), my half of the shared accommodation for the pre-unconference meet-up, and shared accommodation for the unconference itself. The quoted value below includes accommodation at the proposed hotel for the conference. The quoted value is for my half of the contribution only.

Any support will be greatly received.

Many thanks in advance,


Planned amount $$ (USD): $1518.00

Estimated time for completion: Mar 2020

** Edit: I have split the cost of the application in half, as recommended. **


I’m so glad you’re coming!
The funding committee can only approve up to US$2k without a team vote. I suggest you do two funding requests, one for each of you.
Cheers, Tridge

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Approved. Will be great to see you in Canberra.

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