Support for heading obtained via beacons such as marvelmind


I have recently successfully used marvelmind beacons with arudcopter 3.6dev to inject in via NMEA protocol to pixhawk GPS port and with the use of an external compass for heading have had successful indoor poshold.

My next challenge is to move my test in to a wind tunnel. However, this tunnel has a lot of metal in the structure and compass becomes very unreliable therefor poshold doesnt work.

Now the marvelmind beacons support beacon pairing by using two beacons in hedgehog mode on the copter that enables heading to be injected via the marvelmind protocol via serial port but i’m guessing arudcopter has no way of using this data?

I’m interested to know if this is something that will be supported in the future?

currently the BCN parameter in arducopter gets X, Y and Z pos data from the beacon system, it would be useful if it also allowed for heading from the beacon system.


There ia a PR to add heading support for GPSs. Once that is in, it should be possible to do this.

Hi do you have any details on this PR or a time frame of when it might be available? Thanks. that is the GPS PR.
No I do not have any more details