Super Mini ArduHeli for Hollow Cup Motor "DDFP" with WLtoys XK K120

Using the Holybro KakuteF7 mini FC, I wrote the AC4.0rc2 firmware. I didn’t find the detailed settings for “DDFP” in the official documentation. In addition to the tail output setting to DDFP, what parameters need to be set so that the lock tail can function properly? effect?

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Nice to see that k120. I did order a K110 to try to use a small FC but BG messed the order so I’m now to return the incomplete set and reorder. Did you do the k120 because of the 2S battery ? From what I could get from the descriptions that is the biggest difference (and the metal head).

K120 is indeed using 2s lithium polymer battery as power, the tail pipe is thicker than K110, the tail motor is also bigger than 110, the flight stability and feel are very good, the steering gear is easy to break, I replaced the EMAX 9251 servo.

Awesome, great work!
Move it to a blog post? Would probably have more viewers there.

Ok, I sorted out the pictures and videos and posted them to the blog.

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so, @OlivierB , is it now that you get one of these? :rofl::rofl:

Yeah, this may be my perfect entry in the world of AP helis. Limited damage! :blush:

Let’s get started…………:star_struck:

You also saw the previous suggestion by @OlivierB , reposted this content to the blog so that more people can see it, so there is no update here.

But as a special section for traditional helicopter discussions, I think it is reasonable to have a discussion post.