Sunday wasn't the best of days

So just a couple of questions based on what I have seen in my logs for my hexa.
I see these messages

So teh first message I don’t understand.
09:00:35 Mode change failed: POSHOLD requires position
Its clear from the log that at the point where this error is thrown there are 13 satellites…while not the total I would normally get…There is enough that it should know where it is.

The second set of messages that I don’t understand.
So of course this is obviously reporting incorrectly…I didn’t land with the gear up…so whats wrong here. Perhaps I have some config issue that I don’t know about.
|09:01:30|LandingGear: RETRACT|
|09:01:37|LandingGear: DEPLOY|
|09:02:15|LandingGear: RETRACT|
I notice that in my second flight I get these messages.
|09:07:50|LandingGear: DEPLOY|
|09:08:00|LandingGear: RETRACT|
|09:08:05|LandingGear: DEPLOY|
|09:08:15|LandingGear: RETRACT|
So clearly its reporting the opposite to whats actually taking place. I wonder if the gear connections are reversed.

Lastly. Why would I be doing a prearm check if I am in the air with my gear retracted.
|09:02:49|PreArm: EKF2 Roll/Pitch inconsistent by 75 deg|

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Number of sats is not necessarily a good indicator of 3D fix - I use HDOP <1.0 although there’s almost no one parameter to look at.
I always have:
…and then you cant arm and take off in any mode until there’s a 3D Fix. Check the altitude and radius settings to suit yourself.

Landing gear will just be a case of working through the Servo settings and Landing Gear settings. Maybe just SERVOx_REVERSED,1 will fix it.
Check you Landing Gear RC input channel (CHx_OPT,29) goes above 1800 pwm for LG deployed, then set the Servo settings to suit physical deployment.

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These are simply indicators for your landing gear retracting and deploying automatically when crossing between LGR_RETRACT_ALT and LGR_DEPLOY_ALT

So this isn’t recording when I tell the gear to retract or deploy it’s recording when the FC tell it.
Ok interesting.

Thank you

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you shall see those when manual deploy or retract as well

Ok well I am going to test it this week. My gut is telling me something is wrong and it’s usually right. We shall see.