Suggestion: Log files analysis

Can we have a Log files analysis sub-category for Arduplane, similar to ArduCopter?
It would be nice if, with the rise of DroneKit-LA, people could submit their log files for others to comment upon performance or debugging.

Or perhaps Log Analysis could be come a top-level category by itself!

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Thats a good idea. Thank you.

It can be both ways. Having under vehicle categories is goid and having all under main top category is also good. We’ll have quick discussion among admins and then we can put it in action…

More that i think. I’m leaning towards top category as then it’s easy to have process/tools etc discussion under Top and physical logs under vehicle categories…

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How about this?? Take a look at #log-analysis-and-tuning-central

Yeah, I saw it when you created the category a few minutes back. Thanks!

I was looking at the Dronekit LA today. While there is significant work put into it, I have the feeling that you can do only so much with a C++ program.
Matlab or numpy offer more powerful mathematics manipulation libraries. Since we do not really care too much about real-time processing of the logs, the speed-for-utilities tradeoff is worthwhile IMO.

Plus, the current Dronekit LA output is hardly readable.

I’d like to take a jab at it with a Matlab library, with which I am more familiar.