Suggestion for Docker build instructions

I wonder if it might make sense to add

–user “$(id -u):$(id -g)”

to the docker commandline in the documentation for running the container to build Ardupilot? Without it, if you just blindly follow the instructions it will end up hitting a permissions error when it tries to create the “tasklist.json” file within the container.

please do a pull request with that change

Turns out it’s a bit more complicated, because if you run with that added to the docker commandline then the user isn’t in the right groups in the container.

I ended up doing a “chown -R” in the container to take ownership of the source, but then I had to muck with permissions again to edit the files outside of the container.

Might be simpler to edit the group membership within the container the first time you run it.

I had a similar issue - I have made a PR with a solution which is a bit cleaner than having to do chown -R as you’ll end up mucking up the permissions on your docker host