Suggesting survey friendly crab algorithm

For ortho survey missions it would be beneficial to have the navigation controller make crab adjustments using flat turns (provided that the model has yaw control surfaces) over roll (banking) turns. To keep the camera pointing downwards even during variable sidewind vectors. This would probably increase the photo quality yield during turbulent / side wind survey missions.

It would be elegant if the flat turn preference cold be activated by the new camera trigger feature, so to use flat turns during photo aquisition part of the mission, while using normal turn coordination during other flight phases (start, transport legs, approach & landing).


Hi Tom,
Interesting suggestion. I use a roll stabilsed camera myself, but I know that isn’t always convenient.
Can you add an issue for this, so we don’t forget? I’m unlikely to get to it soon.
Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge,

I agree on the roll gimbal solution as being the natural one, though in my current X8 project I decided against it in order to make a simpler overall design that can tolerate quite a bit of field use beatings.

I added and issue on the GitHub.


Oh, and to avoid confusion… the standard X8 has no yaw control surfaces but mine do. It´s modified.