Suddenly flight mode change without RC input/command

Hi Ardupilot Developers/Admin

Please help me with a problem happened today

My copter (octo/co-ax) suddenly suffer flight mode change without RC input/command from Stabilize to Auto flight mode (Auto mode not configured on RC transmitter).

I use Hollybro Pixhawk4.

Here you can find the logs:

Can you determine the reason from log file?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Log says from GCS Command.

Thanks a lot. Near my drone another DJI drone flies. is possible to interact? (do you heard about a such issue?)

Do you have telemetry back to a GCS?

yes, I have (on 900Mhz)

Perhaps a Tlog would give a clue. Not sure though but worth a look.

Great. Thanks a lot. I will check and come back

Also you have a lot of tuning work to do

I would connect to MissionPlanner, press Alt A and follow the prompts, accept everything it offers
Then go over this tuning guide in detail:

Your RC signals look unsteady too, maybe check that out before flying again:

EDIT: I take that back, the RC signals might be OK, ours look similar over the same sort of time scale

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Thanks Shawn for hints

Another observation unrelated to the issue but I have the log open…

Looks like you are hovering here with an average commanded motor output of ~1750us. Were you maybe carrying more weight on this flight than previous? Just going be the MOT_THST_HOVER value.

Yes - true, we add more 10Kg payload at last flight

Perhaps OK, but you will want to be careful when higher power is demanded (wind, speed, etc). You DO NOT want to run out of thrust headroom.

Absolutely correct. We made tests to see this parameter. Thanks a lot for hints