Sudden Fall Down and Crash (Attaching LOGS) (978.4 KB) Hi Guys,

I got sudden free fall and crash during the flight of Octocopter.

The Flight Controller was CUAV V5+ and the firmware was ArduCopter V4.0.3
While the mission flight, there were no error messages at all on my Mission Planner HUD but, without any symptoms, it just stopped all motors and got free fall to the ground.

I am attaching log and Tlog file. Please help me for any advice.

Thanks a lot.

  • Raphael

All the data in the logs file ends up abruptly and without any indication that anything was wrong. If this log is OK and in one piece (I’ve had the mishap of downloading a log and only having the initial part of it, with all the data abruptly finished, when in fact the file was incomplete) is a very difficult problem to diagnose.
It may be a hardware problem, with the flight controller dying suddenly or bad connections that would cut the power. It could also be a software problem… I really can’t determine anything else with this information. Maybe someone more experienced than me can check the log and see something I haven’t seen.

Good luck.

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Apart from a very sluggish roll and pitch response (which very likely a tuning error) It seems a total power failure at the low voltage part of the flight controller power. A high voltage part failure usually manifest itself a last minute voltage drop (since capacitors hold up for a couple ms).
If you had redundant power for the flight controller, then it is a different story, in that case it looks like a catastrophic failure of the flight controller (not a sw crash since the watchdog should at least restart the sw)

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