Subsystem Compass Ecode 4

Hey out there.
I am seeing references to a compass error, it reports as Compass 4. Which I believe is Subsystem Compass eCode 4. But I find no documentation on this error anywhere. I can find 0, 1,2 but no 4. It seems to occur then clear…

Anyone know what eCode 4 is.

4 just means unhealthy I think. The error codes are on the wiki in the Logs section but perhaps a more complete list is in defines.h.

By the way, the category was set as “Blog” so this appeared on the front page of I’ve changed the category to ArduPilot.

Hey Randy thanks for the response. As for Blog, no clue what your referring to but I assume I did something wrong when I posted…no surprise there.
as for the defines.h.I have looked in it and can’t find Compass eCode 4. Only 0,1 and 2.

I can find this…but it doesn’t match “#define ERROR_SUBSYSTEM_OPTFLOW 4”

Unless its a situation where I need to combine things. I am not familiar enough with programming to decifer how it comes together, but based on what you said in your response and this line
I think your right Compass unhealthy…cool now I have a place to look.