SubSys:25 ECode:1


After update to FW 4.0.3, I notice some loss of thurst. Really I was doing some like sport flying but not too much agresive. The thing is I got “Potencial Thurst Loss” and “Subsys:25 ECode:1”.

Maybe I exceeded the drone’s flight capabilities, but in any case it never happened before.

Any comments?

Subsys:25 ECode:1 is meaning Thrust Loss Check

does it happened during yaw ?
also send log file

Where did you find that error list?

By a Google search of “Subsys:25 ECode:1” perhaps :smiley: It’s at the bottom of the 1st link in the search list.

Exactly :sweat_smile:
Googling is most easy way

Here is the full list

You know what works amazingly well sometimes is a Google search for “pixhawk insert topic” Even if you don’t have a Pixhawk Flight Controller or it may even be a Mission planner issue often it will find a useful link.

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Great, thanks!..

Regarding this particular error it has cropped up several times recently. I would be interested to see your log if you want to share it.

Also its possible that you was overheated ESC’s during sport flying and they enabled soft cut
But its hard to say without log file

I found it!

One rotor is faulty. I have verified in the power bank that when heated it loses revolutions. When it cooled down, it revolved again. So the rest of the rotors are just trying to keep the drone stable, and it eventually falls.

It looks and sounds normal, but is faulty.


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I started having weird crashes recently, which I think are related to ESC/s overheating. I just need someone more knowledgeable than me to confirm my suspicions.
Two factors that changed are the fact that the weather started getting warmer and I started using 4s batteries sometimes.

Here are the logs – log 1, log 2.

BTW, landed here by a google search for “SubSys:25 ECode:1” :slight_smile:

Thanks !