Stronger landing legs

I have been having issues with my 3dr x4 RTF 2013, it seems smooth landings is not something it likes to do especially in a little wind (not to mention I am not used to it yet and suck as a pilot but practicing with a Hubsan x4). Anyway, the plastic screws seem to break off by just looking at them wrong, has anyone made any mods (besides putting metal screws in) to make the legs stronger?

You and I must have attended the same flight school !! Plastic stuff all broke on mine so I have resorted to cutting wine corks in half, drill a hole through them and attach with a zip tie. A bit funky but works for the time being

Good idea, if you paint them black it won’t look so shabby.

I have been having a lot of issues with my Quad, mostly user caused.

Just because you buy a RTF it doesn’t make the pilot RTF.

Just because you buy a RTF it doesn’t make the pilot RTF.

Truer words have never been said.

Soooo, I was curious if 3DR engineering had any other suggestions or if I should just go and put wine corks on my frame.

The legs that come with the frame, diy or rtf models are the only ones we handle, that being said, I have seen people put tennisballs or racketballs on the bottom of their legs to get softer landings or in case of an “unplanned landing” (crash), to minimize the damage to the drone.