Strange voltage sags

I wonder what is wrong with that 5” quad and it’s battery. I have as I remember 20A ESC so 80A is max. Maybe 2200 40C battery is little to less. I have 2204 2300kV motors and ESC 20A. Battery is 3S.

I have to turn off low voltage failsafe, or set it much lower to not engage failsafe too early. What could be wrong with that setup?

I’ve done initial setup, autotuning, motor compass calibration, notch filtering also.

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The quality of the battery is not good anymore.
At the beginning you have a voltage drop of 1,2V with 6A Current draw and at the end you have a voltage difference of 0,8V with a current draw of 6A. That is abnormal high. You need to try a new battery, I recommend CNHL batteries.




I have same situation on 3 different batteries I have. None of them are new so I could try get new one to make sure is that the problem.

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I agree with Harold @Harald . The battery sags ~1.5V with a 6A draw and down to 9.6V with a 12A draw. If all 3 batteries are that No Name brand perhaps they are junk.

Note: Not a bad job tuning but you have ESC RPM so should be using that to drive the Notch filter rather than throttle. Better yet, use the Bdshot version of firmware for motor RPM.

I’m not sure how to turn it on :wink: I flashed blheli-s with that rpm feedback. I have to read how to set that notch filtering with it.

OK, but best use the Bdshot version of firmware for Motor RPM. The data update rate is much faster than serial port data.

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I set in MP for bdshot600. ESC are old Racerstar RS20A Blheli_S OPTO. As I remember but not sure. Could be better to upgrade to some blheli32 4in1 but for now I dont have any.


I wonder it will work with some 4S. But for sure I’ll test it with some new battery first.

Do you mean arducopter bdshot version?
If yes I flashed that one omnibusf4pro-bdshot (29 august 2022)

Then configure it. Page down to Bi-directional Dshot.