Strange vibration of motors

hello I am writing from a translator
tell me after performing the initial adjustment with the alt-a command I get a strange vibration on motors without blades what is the reason
holybro pixhawk 4
tmotor p80 100kv
tmotor alpha 80a
frame 1300mm carbon

attached a magazine

What do you mean by vibrations. Also - motor response w/o propellers is often not indicative of flight motor response.

watch the video there you can hear it by sound

Use Mission Planners Motor Test to run the motors if you want to test them.

Your Rate filters look too low (8Hz). Id the Alt>A Menu gave you those values then you should update Mission Planner to latest Beta and try again. 10Hz minimum.

I am not very good at arduplit parameters yet
could you specify more precisely which parameter to change to 10 hz

All of the Rate parameters you changed to 8hz change to 10hz. If you followed my advice these would be apparent with the Alt>A tuning plug-in you said you used.